Technology for craftsmen and salespeople

In trade and sales convince through innovation.

But how can help with?

  • Thanks to the integration of exchangeable E-LACEs, headsets can be attached to clothing.
  • With its powerful battery, the CHSY-07SB has you covered whole working day, because up to 15 hours the battery lasts when listening to music or talking to colleagues.passive up to36 hours.
  • The E-LACE prevents that you have the headset to lose can. If it falls out of your ear, it will hang on your garment.
  • thanks to the cVc 8.0 noise cancellation your colleagues can always get along well.


Application examples:

  • Communication with customer services while the cell phone is at the window and you are with your hands free, e.g. B. are busy with the burner service or programming a controller.
  • Communication in sales or as a foreman when the hands-free system is no good and you want to understand the customer better.
  • Communication with the crane operator.
  • Communication in road construction among colleagues and superiors
  • Communication excavator drivers and colleagues who guide it.
  • Communication in the truck between the driver and the dispatcher.



  • In case of emergancy can be used with the headsetVoice assistant operated will. Even if the cell phone is in the vehicle, you can an emergency call at any time drop.
  • The connection between E-LACE and headset is established just plugged in and separates independently, so you don't get stuck can.