Information on S-LACEs


S-LACE stands for color diversity. The wasteful use of fashion is one of our big problems. We want to change that. S-LACEs are interchangeable cords. They allow you to change colors within seconds and give you a new style every day. How awesome it is when you can adapt a hoodie to your shoes at any time?

Red shoes - & gt; red S-LACE

Pink nails - & gt; Pink cord

Or even better the hoodie just looks boring and we have your favorite color. ::)


The best quality, our quality promise:

100 S-LACEs are produced in Bavaria! We produce every component in regional companies. You are not buying a cheap Asian product. The plugs are turned and milled from solid aluminum. The individual components are then assembled in our production facility and dispatched directly. We value the highest quality and durability..


S-LACE are washable and can in the dryer:

S-LACEs are washable and can be put in the washing machine or dryer at any time.

This is where S-LACEs prove their strengths! Connect the two plugs and rest assured, your cord will never be pulled out of the washing machine again.

Please wash your clothes with S-LACE so that the plugs are rolled into the clothes. As a result, the surface of the plug stays beautiful longer and it does not rattle when washing in the washing machine.