Information on E-LACEs

E-LACE stands for electric cord.. They were developed in Germany from the start and we also keep their production in our home country. Starting with the yarns and the interweaving into cords, the components made of turned and milled aluminum, the cables and gold contacts from a special production, as well as the assembly for the innovative injection molding, we implement in our factories in southern Germany. E-LACEs must meet the highest standards and impress with their durability. Thanks to the high quality workmanship, they are washable and detergent-resistant. E-LACEs can also cope with heat and cold very well.



Our E-LACEs can be inserted into the hoods or channels of hoodies, jackets and T-shirts.

IMPORTANT: the openings must be at least 12mm in diameter.

E-LACEs are used for the exchangeable integration of electrical conductors in fashion and clothing, they conduct electricity and data signals.

Since entertainment electronics have become an everyday companion, it is time to electrify clothing without significantly changing it. That's why a lot of hoodies from different brands can be "tuned" so that you don't have to make any changes to clothing.


Here you can see a sample hoodie that turned into electronic clothing within seconds and is therefore able to conduct data and electricity through the hood.


Here you can see the packaging of an E-LACE. We would be happy to put the E-LACE in your hoodie at your request. Please inform us in the checkout.

Sustainability and environmental protection:

With high-quality components and long-lasting materials, we want to contribute to the sustainable use of resources. Aluminum offers a reduction in failures over the life of the product and can be returned to the material cycle after its useful life. Aluminum is largely made up of recycled aluminum. It also withstands the heavy loads of a washing machine. We kindly ask you to wrap your clothes around the plugs so that the E-LACEs do not come into contact with the washing machine.