Always reachable

Home office

Often it is the hectic everyday life that complicates the home office. But why panic when the kids need help?

Thanks to the magnets, the headsets can be stowed in the neck, so they don't bother you, but are always within reach even if the phone or laptop is in the next room.

Thanks to the simple three button operation and voice assistant, you can start or answer calls at any time, no matter where you are in the apartment.

Home office set

Enjoy every second

perfect sound

used your Bluetooth headset in all situations, it likes to accompany you when hiking, on the train or on long journeys.

Thanks to the E-LACE options, unnecessary intermediate charging is saved so that you only have to charge every 15 hours.

Even on long stages it doesn't leave you alone. If you use it with an APP with radio function, you can also keep in touch with friends while traveling.

Your headset with E-LACE

What do you need to get started?

A hoodie or t-shirt

Many brands have hoodies with matching openings. Ask your favorite brand, Mess at hoodies at home or choose a hoodie in our shop. You can easily find t-shirts in our shop.

You can find hoodies here

A matching E-lace

Choose the right E-LACE. There will be differences between hoodie and t-shirt, both have different lengths but each fit universally.

E-LACE are washable and have a 3 year guarantee

You can find E-LACE here

A CHSY-07SB HEadset

An in-ear headset with awesome sound and a powerful battery. It is the first of its kind, but has been designed to be particularly robust. We attach particular importance to quality. The battery is particularly large for long-lasting fun

You can find your headset here

Winter sports

Your headset for skis and snowboards

No more looking for headsets in the snow, you always have the best sound in your ear and, thanks to noise-canceling, you can always hear them clearly when making calls.

No intermediate charging despite continuous use. Thanks to a gigantic 15 hours of battery power.

Take a look around and hit the gas on the slopes.

The headset with E-LACE

In all situations of the

right companion

We love music and looked for our favorite bands around the clock, we never do without good sound.

In the city on a board, in the subway or on a bike, there is no place that doesn't get better with music.

PLUG & # x27; N PULL was developed by people who pursue one goal, perfect mobility without having to forego cables.

Be part of the family

Your headset with E-LACE Get started