Even in the home office you can be of help.

What can the system do?

  • Thanks to the integration of exchangeable E-LACEs, headsets can be attached to clothing.
  • With its powerful battery, the CHSY-07SB holds one whole working day, because up to 15 hours the battery lasts when listening to music or talking to colleagues. passive up to 36 hours.
  • The E-LACE prevents that you have the headset to lose can. If it falls out of your ear, it will hang on your garment.
  • thanks to the cVc 8.0 noise cancellation your colleagues and customers can always get along well.
  • Thanks to multi-pairing, you can connect at least two devices to the headset so that you can always be reached on your computer or mobile phone.


One advantage is that it remains on the body. It is often stressful situations with children in which the headset can interfere as soon as it falls on the floor or is not within reach. You can solve these problems efficiently when the headset is on your clothing. Since you can connect more than one device to the headset, you can always be reached on the right device without having to change the headset.


Application examples:

  • Communication in the home office
  • Communication in customer service.
  • Communication in the call center.
  • Communication at the gate